This year we’re using our grant funding to support 5 students in EVERY school with for a whole year!

Its simple. Students apply directly to us for a fully funded annual membership to the player, in order to apply students must meet the eligibility criteria before completing their application. We have over £300,000 worth of funding to allocate towards access to support students who are interested in careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, healthcare, biosciences and sports.
How does it work?
1. Students complete the below form to start their application
2. The students science teacher completes the reference form to complete the application
3. Our national Grant Funding team match up the application with the reference and assess the application
4. We contact successful applications within 5 days to award funded access
5. Log into and kickstart your clinical career.

Eligibility Criteria

Student is in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding or Pupil Equity Funding

Student is a high achiever in Science & Maths

Student is considering a career in biosciences, health, sport or medicine 

Student has attendance above 98%


To be completed by the student.



To be completed by the teacher.

Is this student eligible for Pupil Premium funding or Pupil Equity Funding?
Is this student a high achiever in maths and science?
Is this student genuinely considering, and capable of undertaking a career in the biosciences, health, sport or medicine?
Does this student have attendance above 98%?
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