Are scientists creative? Absolutely! At ITAE Learning we believe in teaching creatively. STEM imagination is at the forefront at what we do and Operating Theatre Live is the UK’s only live travelling theatre experience for students studying in the UK and Europe. Our rigorously academic dissection based surgical events are suitable for all students studying qualifications in the UK and aspiring to a variety of careers. While medicine and the health/life sciences are a core focus, many of the skills developed in our events are widely transferable.


Built by trained clinicians, who all have a PGCE, QTS and significant school leadership experience our programmes are built around the new exam specifications and are age/ability specific. We will leave your students stretched, challenged and inspired. Our programmes are ideal for enriching your curriculum and beyond, raising aspirations and securing subject knowledge.


Inspire A Doctor (IAD) programme

Our Inspire A Doctor (IAD) programme is aimed at students aged 12-16 that are pre National 5 level in years S1-S5 or studying at National 5 level and are still developing basic skills and understanding. The experience covers an introduction to medicine / health as a career through a real surgical experience in our operating theatre. There is a large emphasis on aspiration through inspiration in the inspire a doctor programme therefore widening and the prospects and encouraging those who maybe just don’t think they are good enough or don’t have a clue what they want to do.

Develop A Doctor (DAD) programme

Our Develop A Doctor (DAD) programme is aimed at students aged <16 that are currently preparing for National exams with a view to study medicine; or studying Higher/Advanced Higher and are considering careers in healthcare or the sports/ biosciences. The experience covers medicine as a career as well as other roles in healthcare, bioscience and sports exercise through a real surgical experience in our operating theatre. 

Prepare A Doctor (PAD) programme

Our Prepare A Doctor (PAD) programme is aimed at students aged 16-19 that are studying Higher's & Advanced Higher's and are considering applying to medicine, veterinary science and dentistry. The programme assumes a good understanding of anatomy from National 5 level and emcompasses Chemistry and Maths to a higher level. Students will gain an in-depth appreciation of the main anatomical structures. The PAD programme offers some introduction of the UCAT exam and guidance to prepare for it.

Amputation & Emergency Medicine 

A popular addition to your event programme is our Amputation & Emergency Medicine session. This adds an additional consecutive day to your event and covers the structure of the muscles, bones and joints  as well as infection control in the trauma setting. A full dissection of the leg in small groups to observe the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, muscle and bones as well as tendons and ligaments around joints. Students will learn about haemorrhage, how to interpret X-rays to identify fractures and how to apply casts and backslaps to mobilise the limb while the bones repair. 

999 Emergency-Live!

This is as real as it gets. We'll set up a real road traffic collision at your school or college in an outdoor setting.

Following a briefing your students will step onto a staged RTC. One brave students will will make a live 999 call to our switchboard where a trained call handler will take them through a real 999 call. The call will broadcast on our outdoor PA system for all to hear. Shortly after a paramedic team will arrive on science with a real ambulance and begin the assessment of the scene. REAL actors made up by our in-house special effects team will play casulties in the vehicles as well as panicking onlookers. ​

As the live scene unfolds the students will break into smaller groups each lead by one of the paramedic and clinal team. Using their skills students will assess the scene for danger, smoking cars and leaking fuel all pose a threat! Following this assessment students will triage and extract the casualties. Patients with a variety of injuries including head and neck injuries, pneumothorax and fractured limbs/catastrophic bleeds will all be part of the mix. Using all the real equipment from the ambulance your students will work to save each patients life. Coordinated and facilitated by our QTS teachers students will link the applied nature of this experience to content and concepts in the SQA science curriculum. 

This experience is a great team building exercise.


  • A Large outdoor hard space accessible by a pick up truck

  • A power source close by (or a long extension lead to site)

  • A dedicated green room for the crew and special effects team to prepare actors

  • A briefing room for students


Booking our national collaborative outreach programmes, will allow you to transform your hall or gym into an immersive operating theatre. As part of clinical protocol, students will scrub up, including hats and masks, so that they are ready to take their journey into the human body like never before. 


Our event prices are clear and transparent and listed on the event programmes above. If you are a teacher or lecturer and are interested in sparking young people’s imagination and help students to develop a long lasting enthusiasm for science, please email our Schools Team at

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