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Hello and welcome to ITAE Learning, the home of award winning educational products and events. ITAE Learning is founded on over 28 years of teaching and leadership experience and prides itself on delivering world class educational learning experiences. We have put together a number of award winning programmes which are championed by teachers, lecturers and academic professionals internationally.


‘99% of schools rebook Operating Theatre Live events in a two year cycle’


All of our events are produced by our team of teachers to support your students and engage them in the joys of learning and we’re very proud of what we do. For many years in the classroom my mission was to inspire children to the think big and still today ‘think big’ forms the mission statement of ITAE Learning and the wider ITAE Group.

‘This is the best educational resource I have ever seen’

Headteacher UCL Academy, London

Our programmes and products are designed to support students from secondary school to post graduates on their learning journey. Ofsted love our concepts too… over the years we’ve been side by side with schools on the day of Ofsted inspections with inspectors championing the activities, quality of resources, the level of challenge and cooperative spirit in which we encourage students to learn. 


The Operating Theatre Live experience was truly inspirational for our students and provided an excellent chance to apply learning relevant to National 5's and Higher's to real life situations.


G Mulligan, Head of Science,

St Mary's High School, Aberdeen, Scotland



Get in touch with us today, we have a whole team dedicated to supporting you and welcoming you to our network of schools.


Samuel Piri

Human Anatomist QTS




Our mission to support teachers and academics in student engagement, to raise aspirations of young people towards high skilled careers and expose students to enriching prospects of university thus widening participation. We have delivered thousands of events to millions of children and students internationally.



As the UK’s only licensed operator of safe to dissect dissection specimens including head, brain and gastrointestinal tract material we work with over a thousand UK universities, schools, colleges and 6th forms each year. Our grant funding team and school liaison officers work hard to open our events to students throughout the UK and Europe who are underrepresented in leading careers including medicine, healthcare and biosciences. Each year the ITAE Group collectively secures over £50,000 worth of grant funding to help support schools, colleges and universities. 





ITAE Learning is home to the award winning operating theatre live experience. A day long event experience offering students the chance to step into the shoes of a surgeon and see inside the human body. 


Hands on with real specimens students will learn principles of National 5, Higher & Advanced Higher's biology, chemistry and maths through the technical dissection of real organ specimens. Lead by our clinical team the Operating Theatre Live experience is matched to the SQA specifications. 


A (past) sponsor of the Royal Society of Medicine's Medical Careers Day event in 2017/8 learn more about our event packages for 11-19 year olds.

Pupil Equity Fund grants available for eligible schools. Criteria apply.


The VIVIT Experience offers a hands on post mortem and a front row seat at a live human body dissection experience. VIVIT is our state-of-the-art semi-synthetic human cadaver. Life cast of a real deceased male VIVIT’s cadaver is opened up and our Clinical Pathophysiologist will begin the dissection. 

"Incredible and informative" Moray College, Inverness


We have a range of programmes that match the SQA Higher's and Advanced Higher's, undergraduate and post graduate professional training.


The VIVIT Experience offers contextualised dissection of a human body with fast paced anatomical learning. 


Learn more about our live post mortem experiences


MEDIC PLAYER is the new global hub for medical TV packed with hours of educational content built to help schools and college students excel in science and maths. It has hours of fresh new TV episodes, each having their own downloadable worksheet/learning aid available to view anytime and OnDemand. MEDIC PLAYER is home to Operating Theatre Live TV, SMASH THE UCAT, The Post-Mortem Live, 24 HRS ON THE WARD, Anatomy Lab Live, Illustrate Anatomy and much more. 

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